Vehicle Transport Group

Vehicle Transport Group

VTG has the South-East Queensland covered for all your vehicle transport needs.

Our unique car transporter will move your vehicle directly from pick up point and deliver straight to your door.

Our Services

Our experienced drivers have plenty of kilometers under their belt to get your “pride and joy” to where it needs to be – undamaged and on time.


Book a Transfer

Booking your transfer online is easy and requires just a few seconds. All you have to do is work out the distance from pick up and to drop off, and choose your preferred date and time.


Dealer Portal

The easy-to-use booking system allows our partners to book vehicles through our Dealer Portal. If you manage a fleet of vehicles, simply click below to register.


Rest assured our driver is a Qualified Auto Technician with 15 years in the automotive industry – you know you’re in safe hands.

VTG’s brand new, fuel efficient 2017 Iveco 7T truck has an aluminium tray rated to carry up to 4T and a winch to get project cars or non-runners to the next stage.

We are proud of the care and premium service we offer to our customers when their valuable and cherished vehicles are being transported.