Terms & Conditions


1. “Contract” means this Service Terms & Conditions

2. The “Carrier” means Vehicle Transport Group Pty Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the Carrier which expression shall include its
servants, agents and Sub-Contractors).

3. The “Consignor” means the Client (either an individual or a business) who requests a quote, acquires the Carrier’s service and/or
booked the service for a vehicle to be transported and s/he is the owner or the authorised agent of the owner of the vehicle and
have authority to enter into this transport contract.

4. “Vehicle” means a Car, Light Commercial, Trailer, Motor Home, ATV, Golf Cart, Ride-on-Mower, Boat-on-a trailer or Caravan.

5. The Carrier is not a Common Carrier and will accept no liability as such. The Carrier reserves the right to refuse the carriage or
transport of a vehicle or to provide a service for any reason, corporation or Company and the carriage or transport of any class of
goods as its discretion.

6. If the exact Make, Model and Dimensions have not been provided by the Client prior to booking, the quote is considered to be
for a standard size vehicle which is ≤5m long, ≤1.5 ton, ≤2.4m wide or ≤1.9m high.

7. Time in Transit are approximately 1-5 Business Days (dependent on the pickup / drop off locations) and are estimates only based
on business days not including weekend or public holidays or any Force Majeure Event. The Carrier will not pay for any loss caused
by exceeding this estimated days in transit.

8. Vehicles are expected to be ready for pick up from the time of the receipt of the Consignor’s booking confirmation.

9. If the Driver arrives to the job site in a major city (Gold Coast, Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney) and the vehicle is not ready for
loading or unloading, an extra charge of either $50/hour applies for each half an hour waiting time (provided the vehicle got picked
up the same trip) or $150 none-pickup fee per spot for each attempt made by the Carrier to pick up the vehicle provided we ended
up doing the transport of the vehicle otherwise Clause 26 apply.

10. If the Driver arrives to the job site in a regional town or in between two major cities (Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney) and the
vehicle is not ready for loading or unloading an extra charge of either $50/hour applies for each half an hour waiting time (provided
the vehicle got picked up the same trip) or full transport price will be charged for each attempt made by the Carrier to pick up the

11. Vehicles are not to contain any personal belongings without prior written consent from the Carrier and the Carrier must not be
liable for any loss or damage to any goods or personal effects left in the vehicle. Otherwise, surcharge applies for leaving such items
in the vehicle.

12. The Consignor must not leave any dangerous goods in the vehicle such as, but not limited to, any articles or substances which
are, or may become, a risk to health, safety to property or Environment.

13. Vehicles must be in 100% running order, with steering and all brakes in working order and no damage to the vehicle.

14. Any quoted price is for vehicles which have a minimum ground clearance of 15cm; lowered vehicles are subject to additional

15. The Consignor is responsible for doing any necessary arrangements for loading/unloading Non-drivable Vehicles; forklift may be
required for such vehicles and doesn’t form part of the quoted price. Alternatively additional fee is applicable for winching the
vehicle providing the vehicle is winch-able.

16. Additional fee apply for vehicles which have no sufficient fuel for loading and unloading or flat batteries.

17. Any changes to the information provided at the booking time is subject to a revised price and/or cancellation (eg. Change in pick
up and/or drop off address, condition of the vehicle, Dimensions and weight of the vehicle, availability time or if there are additional
vehicle fittings such as bull bars, roof racks etc).

18. All our prices and quotes are based on pick up / drop off locations which has asphalted/tar roads which have sufficient room for
the car carrier to turn around, alternatively we will only pick up and deliver to a close main road, truck stop or an agreed meeting

19. If the Consignor requested the pick up to take place few days prior to delivery day, a fee of $50 apply for each additional
loading/unloading required and storage fee of $30/day.

20. “Door to Door” service for any vehicle including non-drivable vehicles means pick up / drop off is to the side of the road next to
the address provided by the Consignor or the nearest Truck stop. The Carrier doesn’t go into Driveways, parking lots or inside
premises. If the Consignor instructed the Carrier to do so, the Carrier shall not be liable and accepts no responsibility for any damage
sustained or occurred inside the premises and the Consignor is held liable for any damage repairs or compensation to all parties

21. Limited destinations are not covered by the door to door service; please check with the Carrier.

22. The Carrier is insured however the Consignor of the vehicle is responsible for the insurance of his/her own vehicle and the Carrier
must not be liable for any compensation if the vehicle is not comprehensively insured. In addition, Classic and prestige vehicles have
to have official evaluation certificate prior to transit.

23. Transport related claims to be notified at time of delivery and noted on a consignment note and signed, noting damage at time
of collecting and delivery. No claims are accepted after the time of delivery.

24. A surcharge of $50 applies if pick up is required during Business Hours outside major cities (Sydney, Brisbane & Melbourne).

25. Booking deposits are non-refundable for any cancellation and full transport price will be charged for cancellations occur within 48 hours of agreed pick up time or during transport to cover the loss of the empty spot and associated costs incurred. In addition to
paying these costs, the Consignor to pay a $150 administrative fee to the Carrier in such event.

26. Pick up and Drop off may occur outside ordinary business hours and if the drop-off address is unattended, delivery will be
deemed to have occurred and the Carrier’s service deemed to be completed.

27. The Carrier’s charges will be deemed fully earned on receipt of the Goods by the Consignor and are non-refundable in any event.

28. The Carrier’s full charges must be paid prior to pick up the vehicle(s). If another person is nominated in the Quotation or Booking
Form as paying the charges, you promise that person will pay. If the nominated person refuses to pay, you are liable to pay all the
charges including payment delay fees.

29. In the event of non-payment of the Carrier’s charges latest at delivery time, the Carrier will store the vehicle in a storage facility
until the full payment is made and the Consignor is responsible for collecting the vehicle from the storage facility noting that storage
fees of $30/day apply and interest will accrue on the Carrier’s transport charges at the rate of 15% per annum compounded monthly.

30. If the delivery is agreed to be to the Carrier’s storage facility and the Consignor fails to pick up the vehicle within 3 business days
after the Carrier’s notifies the Consignor the vehicle is available for collection storage fees of $30/day apply

31. The Carrier at its discretion may subcontract the whole or any part of the Carriage.

32. The Consignor acknowledges and agrees that neither the Carrier nor any servant or agent or Subcontractor of the Carrier nor
any other Person who undertakes the Carriage of the Goods will in any circumstances be under any liability whatever for any
personal injury or loss of or damage to, deterioration, evaporation or contamination of the Goods.

33. The Carrier shall not be liable and accepts no responsibility and will not pay for any of the following:

33.1.1. Loss of or damage to vehicles caused by vibration, movement of objects within the vehicle, insect damage, bird
dropping, weather or weather events of any kind whatsoever, including but not limited to rain, hail, storm damage, road
works or force majeure event.
33.1.2. Any indirect, special or consequential loss or damage including cost of hiring a car, loss of profits, business or
anticipated savings or other economic loss even if it’s know they are possible or otherwise foreseeable
33.1.3. the vehicle being brittle, inherently defective or in such a condition that they cannot be loaded, unloaded or
transported by road without damage;
33.1.4. where such loss or damage comprises of mechanical, electrical or electronic breakdown, derangement, or
malfunction of the vehicle;
33.1.5. caused by insufficiency or unsuitability of packing or preparation of the Goods to withstand the ordinary incidents
of Carriage
33.1.6. no responsibility for undercarriage or concealed areas of vehicles with less than 15cm ground clearance.
33.1.7. any loss or damage to second hand vehicles in poor condition and/or more than 8 years old.
33.1.8. any content and/or accessories not being factory fitted components.
33.1.9. damage sustained to the under carriage as a result of the vehicle being lowered, modified, or its hydraulic/air
33.1.10. damage sustained due to Mechanical Derangement.
33.1.11. damage, scratches or any condition for vehicles bought from Auctions.

34. Both online freight website fees and toll roads fees (if used) do not form part of the transport fee and the Consignor is liable to
pay such fee

35. All the fees and charges included in this service terms & conditions are exclusive of GST and Credit Card Payments are subject to
2.2% Surcharge

36. The Carrier reserves the right to use the photos of any vehicles we transport for marketing purposes and social media unless
instructed otherwise in writing by the Client.

37. The Carrier reserves the right to make any change to these Terms & Conditions without prior notice.

38. In case of any discrepancy between this Service Terms & Conditions and the notes of the consignment note, the stringent
between both apply

39. These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws in force in Queensland and the parties submit to the jurisdiction of the
courts of Queensland.